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Anti-Racism Resources

APTA Minnesota recognizes that racism is an enormous and insidious force in our personal lives, local communities and the broader world. After the murder of George Floyd, the local Twin Cities community and the nation experienced a renewed momentum for more concrete and authentic justice for folks who are Black, Indigenous and people of color.

After a community conversation about our role in dismantling systemic racism - in the field of physical therapy, healthcare in general, and in our own lives - our community requested a space to share resources for the largely personal work of learning about the history of race and racism, understanding bias and eventually dismantling systemic oppression. We share these resources as a starting point - knowing that we are all in a process of learning and unlearning, and in the spirit of a more equitable society for all.


In an effort to work together, we have created a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.  For more information or to join the committee please contact the co-chairs.

We encourage all PTs, PTAs and students to engage in dialogue, share perspectives and find community in our DEI forum.



APTA Minnesota  Conversations

Previously Recorded: 


Anti-Discrimination/ What are the First Steps to Taking Action? A Virtual Discussion - recorded July 30, 2020

Additional Material: Supporting Definitions and Resources 


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion- A Discussion Among Physical Therapy Professionals- recorded June 16, 2020



Healthcare-Specific Resources

White Coats for Black Lives


The New England Journal of Medicine- Race and Medicine


Healthcare in America Is Structural Racism


Structural Racism and Supporting Black Lives — The Role of Health Professionals


Structural racism and health inequalities in the US


American Public Health Association 2015 Webinars


Curated Lists and Frameworks

Scaffolded Anti-racism Resources


University of Washington- Race and Equity Anti-Racism Resources


Anti-Racism Resources for Families with Children


Books, Films and Podcasts from NPR Codeswitch


Justice in June


The Anti-Racist Starter Pack


Confronting White Supremacy in the Workplace

Anti-Racist Resource Guide

Anti-Racist Interest Maps


More to Read, Watch, Follow and Listen

Fostering Allyship in DEI from APTA

Black Lives Matter

A Good Time For the Truth: Race in Minnesota


Hennepin County Library Anti-racism reading list

Jim Crow of the North


TED Talks to help understand racism in America

Mapping Prejudice Minnesota

Harvard Implicit Bias Tests


Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack


Teaching Tolerance


Understanding and Confronting Racial Injustice




Catrice M. Jackson - trainings and workshops specifically for white women

My Work to Do

Resmaa Menakem



Information and Resources on Microaggression 

Guide to Responding to Microaggressions


Microaggressions: More than Just Race


We Asked our Listeners About Microaggressions: The Responses Proved the Point


How to Respond to Microaggressions


Response Strategies: Specific Strategies and Phrases to have Readily Available


So You Want to Talk About Race


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