Acute Care Rehabilitation Interventions and Outcomes for a Person with Conversion Disorder - A Case Report

Presenters: Natalie Barron, SPT; Advisors: MarySue Ingman, PT, DSc and Christine Pocrnich, PT, DPT


Global Rating of Change What were they Thinking

Presenters: Elizabeth Hermodson-Olsen, Alexandra Jeppesen, Reece Maranda, Samantha VanBuren; Advisors: John Schmitt, PT, PhD and Debra Sellheim, PT, PhD; Co-Investigator: Kristen Gerlach, PT, PhD

Physical Therapy Healthy Lifestyle Appraisal Final Phase

Presenters: MS Ingman, PT, DSc; R Kimlinger, SPT; L Remus, SPT; A Schaff, SPT

Stress in DPT Students A Quantitative Study

Presenters: C Anderson, L Dutton, K Heilmann Bo, H Mueller, R Richter, J Toedter


The use of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Physical Therapy as Treatment for Chronic Pain an Exploratory Analysis

Presenters: Jamie Blumentritt, MA, SPT; Faculty Advisor: Jaynie Bjornaraa, PT, Ph.D, MPH


The LESS-RT is it a Valid Screening Tool for Higher Risk Lower Extremity Movement Patterns

Presenters: Natalie Barron, Taylor Ebnet, Grace Heyer, Olive McDermott, Advisor: Jaynie Bjornaraa, PT, PhD, MPH, SCS, LAT, CSCS


What's the Risk Symptoms Based Approach to Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplants

Presenters: Emily Beck, Jenna Behnken, Madelyn Haug, Lindsey Scott, Advisors: Kelli Nielsen, PT, DPT, NCS and Laura Gilchrist, PT, PhD


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