Electomyographic Analysis of Gluteus Maximus and Hamstring Recruitment in Variations of the Hip Hinge Exercise 

Presenters: Ashton Dover, Healther Buerman, Isaiah Greene and Jon Salzman


Immediate Effect of Neck Neuromuscular Warm-up Program on Multidirectional Neck Range of Motion, Reaction Time, Peak Force and Rate of Force Development

Presenters: Hanwen Wong, Valerie Keller, Sean Stiennon and Ryan Chang


Pilot Biofeedback-based Intervention to Increase Proximity of the Supraspinatus to the Coracoacromail Arch During Manual Wheelchair Transfers

Presenters: Megan Fallert, Riley Guillet, Rachel Hoverstad and Margaret Saras

PT in the Emergency Department

Presenters: Forrest Andres-Beck, Melissa Brix, Hannah Gjerde and Nina Lautz; Faculty Advisors: BJ Nash, PT, DPT; Dr. Neha Raukar, MD; Dr. John Hollman, PhD


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