Effects of Foot Muscle Strengthening on Arch Height and Foot Strength in Persons with Pes Planus

Presenters: Sam Brannen and Kyle Johnson


Functional Movement Changes Following a 5-Week Foot Strengthening Program

Presenters: Nicole DeBoom and Stephanie Welke

Effects of an Advanced Foot Strengthening Program in Persons with Pes Planus on Walking In-Shoe Plantar Pressures

Presenters: Aaron Wilcox and Amanda Sundin 


Electromyographical Activity of Foot Musculature During Advanced Foot Strengthening Exercises

Presenters: Gunnar Jesme and Luke Tietz

Older Adult Preferences for a Physical Therapy Mobility Checkup 

Presenters: Lindsey Ewings, Kori Klaysmat, Abby Schulz and Rachel Sowers 


Exploring the Gross Motor Play Patterns Practiced by Children in a Nature Preschool Setting: Development of a Protoco

Presenters: Abby Miles, Alyssa Mesedahl, Dani Edin, Lauren Torborg and Taylor Kunkel


Teacher Beliefs about Participation of Children with Disabilities in Nature Preschool Programs 

Presenters: Ann Alexander, Rachel Pouliot, Kali Rasmussen and Kayla Stark 

Kinetic and Electromyographic Analysis of Select Shoulder Musculature During the Closed Kinetic Chain Upper Extremity Stability Test (CKCUEST)

Presenters: John Burlingame, Kristen Flaherty, Derek Olson and Mary Sanchez


A Method to Elicit Posterior Shoulder Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) Using Dumbell Resistance

Presenters: Luke Bruss, Gabrielle Grau, Allie Hakamaki and Kurtis Hoffpauir


Clinical Measurements of Posterior Shoulder Musculature in Overhead Athletes

Presenters: Aaron Gnirk, Joe Robel, Frank Senese and Zach Wessels

Development of the Elbow Position Sense Test

Presenters: Elissa Hermsen, SPT; Hunter Johnson, SPT; Caitlin Rudd, SPT; Kelley Van Hook, SPT; Advisor: Alexandra Borstad, PhD, PT, NCS

Physical Therapy Student's Education, Knowledge, and Beliefs Towards Working with LGBTQ+ Patients: A Survey

Presenters: Kathryn Bauson, SPT; Anja Smith, SPT; Kelsey Smith, SPT; Melissa Weisbrick, SPT; Advisor: Christine Cabelka, MPT, PhD, CLT, WCS


Effectiveness of Physical Therapy Interventions on Low Back Pain and Pelvic Girdle Pain in the Postpartum Period: A Systematic Review

Presenters: Amanda Dornhecker, SPT; Paige Heitzman, SPT; Mackenzie Jones, SPT; Rachel Krautbauer, SPT; Advisor: Christine Cabelka, MPT, PhD, CLT, WCS


Exploring the Effect of Wearable Robotic Exoskeleton on Motor Adaptation of Gait

Presenters: Austin Boyer, SPT; Alyssa Eversman, SPT; Benjamin Nivala, SPT; Kale Olson, SPT; Advisor: Alexandra Borstad, PhD, PT, NCS


Student Physical Therapist Self-reported Utilization of Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Screening During a 1st Year Clinical Experience

Presenters: Dan Stram, PT, DPT; Jeffrey Kittleson, PT, ScD, OCS; Nicole Tombers, PT, DPT


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